1. Four (4) notarized original copies of the signed CNA (to be filed with the CSC-HRRO within ninety ( 90 ) calendar days after its execution.

2. Original copy of a statement that the signed CNA was posted in at least two(2) most conspicuous places in the principal address of the agency and in all its regional offices/branches, if any, for at least seven (7) calendar days before its ratification. (The places and inclusive dates of posting must be indicated).

3. One (1) original copy of the proof of ratification e.g. Resolution bearing the names of employees and ratifying signatures of the signed CNA by the majority of the employees in the negotiating unit. (Every page must contain a heading stating the purpose for which the signatures are intended). The above-stated documents must be certified under oath by the Secretary of the Association and attested to by the President.

4. Original copy of a certification from the Human Resource Management Officer/Administrative Officer as to the total number of rank-and-file employees in the agency. (This will determine if the majority support requirement has been met). 

5. Certificate of Accreditation issued in favor of the accredited employees’ organization (Certified True Copy).

6. Registration fee of One thousand pesos (Php1,000.00). (If payment isthrough postal money order or cheque, the same should be payable to the Civil Service Commission-Central Office).

NOTE: Include in the Agreement provisions for Grievance Machinery and CostCutting Schemes. Otherwise, submit an Addendum signed by both parties & ratified by the majority of the rank-and-file employees. Please indicate contact person/ numbers ( e-mail address / cell phone / landline )