18 February 2021 - As the nation observes Civil Registration Month this February, the Civil Service Commission (CSC) expressed admiration for civil registrars in government who relentlessly fulfill their duties despite the challenges of public service.

Considered a critical function of government, civil registration provides the basis for individual legal identity and facilitates the identification of pressing health issues.

The CSC said that civil registrars often have to contend with issues such as lack of knowledge on or appreciation for registration and the remote location of target populations, yet some are able to perform their duties excellently despite the odds.

One such person is Civil Registrar Belen F. Linganay of the City Government of Tangub, Misamis Occidental, who was given the Outstanding Public Officials and Employees Award, also known as the Dangal ng Bayan, through the CSC’s Search for Outstanding Government Workers. Linganay was recognized in 2019 for her efforts to bring the services of the City Registrar’s Office closer to the citizens through the Mobile Registration Program (MRP), to register and update the records of birth and marriage certificates as well inform citizens on the law and city ordinances on registry service.

In the five-year implementation of the MRP, the City Registrar’s Office was able to record 96% of vital registration records of the citizens of 55 barangays, including the indigenous peoples or IPs.

“As part of the registration program, the Adopt a Barangay is our way of bringing government service to the Subanens, an indigenous people group inhabiting the hinterland barangay of Sicot. They have to know that they are important to the government and that we recognize their rights and their contributions,” explained Ms. Linganay.

With the increased appreciation of citizens on the importance of civil registry documents is the generation of income for the city government. From PHP337,759 in 2014, registration fees doubled to PHP889,055 in 2018.


So that more deserving public servants like Linganay are given recognition, the CSC is once again looking for nominees to the Search for Outstanding Government Workers.

The awards to be given out are the highest and most coveted recognition given by the government to individuals or group of individuals who have excelled or shown utmost dedication and commitment to public service.

All government workers in the career and non-career service including appointive barangay officials may be nominated. Employees who are under job order or contract of service are excluded from the coverage of the program.

The three award categories under the Search are the Presidential Lingkod Bayan, Outstanding Public Officials and Employees or the Dangal ng Bayan, and the CSC Pagasa.

The Presidential Lingkod Bayan is conferred on an individual or group for exceptional or extraordinary contributions that had nationwide impact. The Dangal ng Bayan Award is conferred on an individual for performance of extraordinary act or public service and consistent demonstration of exemplary ethical behavior on the basis of adherence to the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees. Meanwhile, the CSC Pagasa Award is given to an individual or group of individuals for outstanding contributions that directly benefit more than one department of the government.

The deadline of acceptance of nominations is on 31 March 2021.

For more details on the 2021 Search, contact the HAP Secretariat at telephone numbers (02) 8932-0381, Contact Center ng Bayan SMS 0908-8816565, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .