To serve and protect
2013 Presidential Lingkod Bayan
Police Chief Superintendent
Philippine National Police
Camp Crame, Quezon City

“Do your job right, not just do your job.”

These are words spoken by PCSupt. Louis Oppus when asked of his work mantra.

Oppus has already spent decades of his life in government starting with the Philippine Military Academy where he graduated in 1984.

In 1999, he became Chief of Police in the Tagbilaran City Police Station. It is here where he instituted reforms and promoted peace and order as means for sustainable development. In 2007, he demonstrated his exceptional leadership skills as Chief of Police in the Lapu-Lapu City Police Station.

A Straight Arrow in the Tuwid na Daan
2013 Presidential Lingkod Bayan
Police Senior Superintendent
Philippine National Police
Camp Crame, Quezon City

Both positive and negative news and stereotypes hound the police force surrounded by the negative stereotype of police who are engaged in corrupt or inefficient practices. It has been a challenge for the Philippine National Police to clean up its image while continuing its mandate to protect and to serve the Filipino people. Men and women have stood up to this challenge, however. They have upheld the principles of the tuwid na daan and did not falter in doing their sworn duty. One such straight arrow is PSSupt. Manuel Gaerlan, whose dedication to peace and security is evident wherever he is assigned and whatever position he holds.

Harvesting Fruits of Labor
2013 Presidential Lingkod Bayan
Provincial Coconut Development Manager
Philippine Coconut Authority
Northern Samar

Engr. Reynato P. Dubongco is reaping the fruits of his labor—literally and metaphorically. He endeavored to develop coconut farming in Northern Samar through several initiatives following the Coconut Industry Development Framework. He spearheaded the establishment of a Family Farm School, an alternative education system that gave opportunities to poor farmer families to officially become professional coconut farmers. He was also instrumental in the formation of the Northern Samar Coconut Industry Development Council, a network of farmers and stakeholders working for the establishment of a marketing system for coconut raw materials and finished products.

The Troubleshooter
2013 Presidential Lingkod Bayan
Regional Vice President
Philippine Health Insurance Corporation Regional Office No. 6
Iloilo City

When Dennis Mas was appointed Regional Vice President of the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (Philhealth) Region 6 in 2011, it was beset with problems of unpaid claims which on an average took 133 days to process. Adding to the already difficult mix is the strain in the relationship between healthcare providers and Philhealth because of the delay in claims reimbursement. Member dissatisfaction was also very high.

In two years’ time, we now see a complete turn-around in the situation with Philhealth Region 6 ranking first nationwide, in terms of claims processing. They were able to drastically reduce the processing of claims from 133 days to just between five to seven days.

But how does one accomplish such feat?

Waste Not, Want Not
2013 Presidential Lingkod Bayan
Local Government of Bayawan, Negros Occidental
(Antonio S. Aguilar Jr., Ion Joseph T. Bollos, Vitalianito T. Cosep, Joemar E. Crisostomo, Corazon P. Lirazan, Eric O. Torres [team leader], and Wilfredo C. Tuale)

In this age of relentless natural disasters and environmental degradation, more effort has been put to protect natural resources and mitigate climate change. Although more and more groups are now involved in environmental causes, the damage done to the environment seems too far-reaching to stop. Others, like the Bayawan Integrated Waste Management Team, are leading the way to address environmental problems by focusing on concrete steps and specific concerns.