The CSC-Civil Service Institute invites public sector executives, managers, directors, and division chiefs or those in equivalent positions to attend the 4th Quarter CSI Leadership Series on 21 November 2018 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in Quezon City. The one-day forum will center on the theme "Authentic Leadership."

About the CSI Leadership Series The CSI Leadership Series is a learning and networking event held on a quarterly basis designed to inspire government executives, directors, and managers to continually enhance their leadership effectiveness. It showcases the best practices of successful leaders and managers in both the government and the private sectors. It is based on the premise that an executive or manager has the power of influence and the capability to bring about significant impact on people and organizations, especially on those they work with or whom they serve.

About the Theme Authenticity by definition refers to having a sense of genuineness. An authentic leader is one who is genuine through their thoughts and acts and upholds beliefs that promote the welfare of the organization ahead of their own self- interest. They lead with their heart and are always in pursuit of carrying out the organization's mission. For the final offering of the CSI Leadership Series of 2018, leaders will discover how being genuine, fair-minded, and more importantly, knowing themselves would greatly impact the fulfillment of their roles.

By the end of the program, participants shall be able to:

  • appreciate authentic and values-driven leadership in the workplace which have an impact on decision-making and strategy formulation and implementation amidst challenging and unpredictable circumstances;
  • discuss core public service values for heightened individual and organizational performance; and
  • acquire best practices of authentic leadership from varied organizations and select which among these are best fitted for their own leadership styles, approaches, and respective workplaces.

Finally, the event will help leaders become servant-heroes by leading with efficiency and effectiveness as well as championing values-driven practices and decisions.

To know more about the event and register a slot online, please go to

Authentic Leadership Advisory