Are you a government leader looking to brush up your skills? Join the Civil Service Institute's 2nd Quarter Leadership Series on 19 June 2019. 

Themed Values-Driven Leadership, the program will explore values and how these are manifested in one's quality of leadership. Values will also help leaders become more effective in decision-making, people engagement, and over-all organization improvement.

By the end of the program, participants will be able to:

a. appreciate values-driven leadership in the workplace which has an impact on decision-making and strategy formulation and implementation in the midst of challenging and unpredictable circumstances;

b. discuss core public service values for heightened individual and organizational performance; and

c. acquire best practices of values-driven leadership from varied organizations and select which among these are best fitted for their own leadership styles, approaches, and respective workplaces. 

This event will help leaders become servant-heroes by championing values-drive practices in the workplace. 

To register, click the link below: