The growing and increasingly complex demands of the citizenry have raised expectations on the civil service. These demands have prompted the CSC to review its systems and procedures, and to assess its priorities in order to achieve better and more efficient governance.

The CSC decided to tread the governance pathway and began to adopt the Performance Governance System (PGS) in October 2010. The PGS is the local adaptation of the Balanced Scorecard developed at the Harvard Business School. It is a performance management and measurement tool that aims to translate organizational goals into breakthrough results guided by a set of performance indicators and metrices.


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About PGS

CSC Strategy Map - The Strategy Map spells out the long-term strategic plan of the CSC in meeting its vision.

CSC Enterprise Scorecard - Based on the premise that “you cannot manage what you cannot measure,” the CSC formulated an Enterprise Scorecard that breaks down the Strategy Map (strategic objectives) into specific measures and annual targets.

Our Transformation Process

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