A.  Honor Awards Program (HAP)

                 The Honor Awards Program (HAP) is the rewards and recognition program of the Civil Service Commission.  HAP recognizes and rewards the best of the bureaucracy through its Annual Search for Outstanding Public Servants.   It highlights the achievements and contributions of men and women in the government exemplifying modern heroism. 

                 The conferment of honor awards aims to motivate or inspire government employees to improve the quality of their performance and instill deeper involvement in public service. The search culminates with the recognition and conferment of awards to deserving public servants during the celebration of the anniversary of the Philippine Civil Service in September.

                 The award is categorized to Presidential Lingkod Bayan, Dangal ng Bayan, and CSC Pagasa Award. 


B.  Pamanang Lingkod Bayani (PLBi)

                 The Pamanang Lingkod Bayani (PLBi) is a project under the Honor Awards Program.  It aims to recognize to public servants who were killed in the line of duty or those who died while in the performance or pursuit of their respective functions, duties and responsibilities.  PLBi covers all permanent civilian employees of the government including non-uniformed personnel of the AFP and PNP.

 Three components:


• Pamanang Parangal sa Lingkod Bayani - recognized through a posthumous award/citation in the form of plaque signed by the Chairman of the Civil Service Commission.

• Pamanang Lingkod Bayani Iskolarsyip - three immediate family members of the deceased civil servant may avail of scholarship (baccalaureate, masteral or doctoral degree) in any of the 111-member institutions of the PASUC implemented through a MOA entered into by and between the CSC and PASUC on August 8, 2008. Scholarship shall be in the form of discounts on tuition and school fees (100% for the 1st beneficiary, 75% for the 2nd beneficiary & 50% for the 3rd beneficiary)

• Pondong Pamanang Lingkod Bayani - a one-time financial assistance to be determined by the PLBi ExeCom and subject to the availability of funds.


Composition of PLBi Executive Committee:

Chair:  Commissioner Nieves L. Osorio

Members:  Assist. Comm. Ariel S. Ronquillo, OLA

                        Director IV Maria Luisa Salonga-Agamata, PAIO

                        Acting Director IV Cecilia C. de la Fuente, OFAM


Fund Source

Monetary incentives given to PLBi recipients come from the proceeds of the annual RACE to Serve Fun Run of the Commission with participation and support from  all government agencies nationwide.



Acceptance of nomination for PLBi recognition is continuing. Government agencies are encouraged to submit to the nearest CSC Regional/Provincial or Field Office the nomination of civilian and non-uniform government personnel within one month from the time of death.