• Exercise overall supervision/administer the Commission’s Public Assistance/Client Relations Program;
• Exercise overall supervision/administer the Honor Awards Program for the Civil Service;
• Develop, monitor, implement and evaluate activities, programs and policies relating to the Communication Plan.



General Functions

• Draw up, implement, monitor and evaluate the Commission’s communication program
• Develop, produce and disseminate communication support materials on the Commission’s programs, projects and policies taking into account its varied clientele;
• handle all publications and related printing requirements of CSC;
• produce primers, radio/TV plugs, audio-visual presentations, posters and collaterals;
• prepare speeches, messages, talking points;
• tap electronic media/new media to support information dessimination efforts;
• Oversee media relations;
• publish or cause to publish news releases on CSC programs and services;
• initiate tri-media intervention on key CSC policies and civil service regulations;
• produce CSC segments in radio programs;
• organize media fora/press conferences;
• handle publicity/coordinate guest appearances and media interviews;
• conduct media tracking and monitoring;
• Assess communication needs of internal and external publics;
• conduct evaluation studies/undertake research on info dissemination activities;
• establish stronger linkages with CSC office correspondents


General Functions

• Administer the government-wide Honor Awards Program;
• Lead the conduct of the information campaign
• Prepare promotional materials
• Create Committees on Awards
• Receive and review submitted nominations
• Provide Secretariat Services in the evaluation / screening of nominees and selection of awardees
• Oversee the conduct of awarding ceremonies
• Review and enhance policies and procedures
• Undertake studies and submit proposals for HAP enhancement - seek additional incentives and benefits for awardees
• Administer the CSC’s Public Assistance/Client Relations Program
• Administer the Mamamayan Muna Program/TEXTCSC Program;
• Review and formulate policies and procedures of program implementation at the regional, field and agency levels;
• Conduct researches and develop reference materials for Action Officers in the CSC Central, Regional and Field Offices;
• Develop promotional materials;
• Monitor and evaluate program implementation;
• Submit periodic report and recommendations to management on program implementation;
• Lead the conduct of information campaign;
• Manage operations of the Mamamayan Muna in Action Center
• Establish procedures in handling clients’ requests for services (PAIO and CSC Offices);
• Apart from the Cashier, provide Action Officers in the Center;
• Undertake continuing development programs for frontline service personnel;
• Conduct researches and develop reference materials for Action Officers;
• Initiate client feedback and conduct evaluation of Center services
• Undertake studies and coordinate with CSC offices for continuous improvement of Center services;
• Submit periodic report and recommendations to management on Center operations.