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Question False Accusation, Abuse of Power, Bullying at workplace

2 years 4 months ago #9583 by Jay lord
Jay lord created the topic: False Accusation, Abuse of Power, Bullying at workplace
Good day!

Seeking legal advice on repetitive bullying at workplace and false accusation against us.
1st letter on March 2019 , Our Supervisor, alleged us in false accusation in our professional review of reports then we answered in details submitted to the higher authority of the agency.
2nd letter on May 8, 2019 , Our supervisor requesting the non-renewal of my appointment since he is also the president of the agency's employee association suppose to be "dapat siya ang nagtatanggol nang inaapi at hindi nang aapi." Moreover, the said issue was already resolved by the following events:
On May 15, 2019 , Department Manager, called a meeting for his complaint to know the different point of view.
On May 16, 2019, Deputy Administrator , called also a meeting together with Department Manager, Our section chief and our supervisor our beloved Deputy reprimand our supervisor for doing such allegation and un mannered behavior. "We thought that was already settled and ignored what he did".
Last October 2019, the higher authority re-assigned him in the province but unfortunately again before he leaved This is again accusation for us.
All evidence, documents we are already attached for his accusation and on May 2020 the Committee on Discipline have already decision of "Dismissal' of all his complaints against us.

Then October 2021 He returned again because its been one year of re assignment. Sometimes with the same attitude, He always interrupt us shouting etc. but On February 10 , 2021 pinipilit na naman niya kaming dapat dumaan lahat sa kanya at nag treat siya na itutuoy daw niya ulit yung gagawin niya pero hindi kami kaharap kausap niya ang section chief namin. He also make Memo kung ayaw namin sumunod sa kanya.

We are waiting nalang sa kanyang complain ulit but gusto na kasi naming mabigyan na siya nag kaukulang parusa kasi even we are Engr's he can do dahil mga kasabyan niya na din yung mga nasa position sa division namin.
Sana mabigyan niyo kami ng payo kung paano gagawin namin dahil sa paninirang puri pati yung 2 na kasmahan naming babae ginaganyan niya binubully niya...

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2 years 4 months ago #9598 by Action Officer 21
Action Officer 21 replied the topic: False Accusation, Abuse of Power, Bullying at workplace
Hi Jay Lord,

Please be informed that as a matter of policy, this Commission does not render opinion/ruling on issues that may eventually be, or is actually, a subject of a complaint or appeal before it.

Should you believe that an administrative offense has been committed, it is advised to file the appropriate complaint against erring officers or employees pursuant to Sections 11-13, Rule 3, 2017 Rules on Administrative Cases in the Civil Service, to wit:

“Section 11. Requisites of a Valid Complaint. No complaint against an official or employee shall be given due course unless the same is in writing, subscribed and sworn to by the complainant. In cases initiated by the proper disciplining authority or an authorized representative, a show cause order is sufficient.

“The complaint shall be written in a clear, simple and concise language and in a systematic manner as to apprise the person complained of, of the nature and cause of the accusation and to enable the person complained of to intelligently prepare a defense or answer/comment. Should there be more than one person complained of, the complainant is required to submit additional copies corresponding to the number of persons complained of.

“The complaint shall contain the following:

“a. full name and address of the complainant;

“b. full name and address of the person complained of as well as his/her position and office;

“c. a narration of the relevant and material facts which shows the acts or omissions allegedly committed;

“d certified true copies of documentary evidence and affidavits of his/her witnesses, if any; and

“e. certification or statement of non-forum shopping.

“The absence of any of the aforementioned requirements may cause the dismissal of the complaint without prejudice to its refiling upon compliance with the same.

“Section 12. Anonymous Complaint. No anonymous complaint shall be entertained unless the act complained of is of public knowledge or the allegations can be verified or supported by documentary or direct evidence.

“Section 13. When and Where to File a Complaint. Except when otherwise provided for by law, an administrative complaint may be filed anytime with the Commission or any of its regional offices, heads of departments, agencies, national government, local government units, state universities and colleges (SUCs) or local universities and colleges (LUCs), and government-owned or controlled corporations with original charters except as may be provided by law.”

It is hoped that we have guided you on the matter.

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