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Question AO IV SG 15 VS AO IV SG 22

3 years 2 months ago #8168 by Yuno Ssi
Yuno Ssi created the topic: AO IV SG 15 VS AO IV SG 22

I just want to ask about the difference between Administrative Officer IV (SG 15) from Administrative Officer IV (SG 22).

Thank you.

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3 years 1 month ago #8215 by Action Officer
Action Officer replied the topic: AO IV SG 15 VS AO IV SG 22
Dear Sir/Ma’am YunoSsi:

Thank you for using the CSC Legal Forum.

You query pertains to the difference between AO IV SG-15 and AO IV SG-22.

To answer all your questions, may we invite you to DBM Budget Circular No. 2004-3, March 6, 2004 which provides as follows:

'1.1 . -"', Presidential Decree No. 985 as amended by Republic Act No. 6758 or the SalaryStandardizationLawprovides,among others, that: ' .

"Section 8. Allocation and Reallocation of Positions. Subject to approval by the Secretary of Budget and Management, the CPCB (Compensation and Position Classiifcation Bureau now Organization, Position Classificationand CompensationBureau (OPCCB))shall have the authority to change the allocation of a position from One class to another class whenever facts warrant. . .

“Section 17. Powers and Functions. The Secretary of Budget and Management, principally through the CPCB (now OPCCS) shall, in addition to those provided in the other Sections of this Decree, have the following powersand functions: .

“ a. Administer, the compensation and position classification established herein and revise it as necessary."

“5.0 Implementing Guidelines ....

“5.1 The offices concerned of the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) shall issue a Notice of Organization, Staffing and Classification Action (NOSCA) reflecting the conversion of positions performing staff/non-technical function to the new classes.

“5.2 The duties and responsibilities' of the new position titles shall consist of the duties and responsibilities of the positions titles compressed to it.

“5.3. Agencies shall have the flexibility to modify the duties and responsibilities of a vacan~ position .to any of the new position titles that is needed for its operations provided it will not require additional funds.”

Agencies are given the flexibility to modify the positions, duties and responsibilities.

Hence, for Example there are agencies that have AO IV with salary grade of 15 while others have AO IV with salary grade of 22. However, the Qualification Standards differ as well as their duties and responsibilities.


Position: ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER IV (Human Resource Management Officer II)
Salary Grade: 15
Education: Bachelor’s degree
Experience: One (1) year of relevant experience
Training: Four (4) hours of relevant training
Eligibility: Career Service (Professional); Second Level Eligibility
*20% Supervises staff in the performance of assigned tasks;
*20% Takes charge in the procurement of supplies and other documents including claims for unforeseen activities;
*20% Prepares simple and difficult communications as per instruction from higher supervisor;
*20% Facilitates in the preparation of travel claims of HRM personnel and liquidates the same after travel;
*15% Takes charge in the preparation and documentation of retirement programs, CSC months celebration and other similar activities; and
*5% Performs other functions that may be assigned from time to time.

Position: ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER IV ( Budget Officer IV)
Salary Grade: 22
Education: Bachelor’s degree
Experience: Three (3) years of relevant experience
Training: Sixteen (16) hours of relevant training
Eligibility: Career Service (Professional); Second Level Eligibility
*Assists the City Budget Officer in the day to day operations of the Division;
* Formulates and implements programs, activities, projects;
* Participates in the planning, monitoring and evaluation of the Division’s targets and performance according to agreed indicators and measures;
* Establishes and maintains linkages with internal and external customers on matters related to QMS and the Division’s operations;
* Provides technical and administrative support to identified customers;
* Monitors and evaluates the performance of the personnel;
* Prepares and/or reviews various communications and document reports; and
* Performs other functions as maybe assigned.

We hope to have enlightened you on the matter.

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