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Question Filing the Appropriate Leave of Abscence

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6 years 2 months ago - 6 years 2 months ago #1377 by ROQUE JAY V BROCE
ROQUE JAY V BROCE created the topic: Filing the Appropriate Leave of Abscence
My concern is how I should go about filing a leave of abscence from work so I can travel to the United States.

In January 2018, my mother arrived from the US for a 6 months vacation. She is US citizen. She also happens to be a retired local government supply officer. Everything went well until a week ago when she got confined in our local private hospital. After all the tests were done, her gynecologist told us that my mothers symptoms points to an ovarian carcinoma and that she should seek treatment preferably in a cancer center.

Being a US citizen and having an HMO/Medicare that is US based, my mother decided to have her treatment in the US and made plans for immediate return trip. Since one of the ovarian cancer symptoms she is experiencing is Lymphedema of the lower extremities, she has a slight gait and difficulty walking long distances. There is also a possibility that that swelling will increase during her flight. This is what worries her because the Cebu to Los Angeles flight in totality takes about 21 hours.

We had a heart to heart talk and she asked me if I am willing to accompany her back to the US. As a single son, I could not say no as I am the only one who has a passport. My sister cannot go with her as she is in a Carmelite Order enclosure. So now I am preparing myself to apply for a US visa.

What I would like to ask from your office is:
1. If given a visa, what type of leave should I file with our office here? As of this date, I have 6 vacation leave remaining, 1special leave and 12 days of sick leave.

2. I intend to stay in the US for 30 days. It could cover the period starting with the executive check-up. Should the doctors recommend surgery then it could still be covered by the 30 days. But what if convalescence takes longer than 30 days, what are the steps that I should do to protect my work and not be declared AWOL?

3. As a government employee, I will be needing a travel authority from the city mayor to be presented to the immigration officer of Mactan Cebu Airport. What should the travel authority contain? Can it be sick leave? Because I understand that sick leave also extends to immediate family members.

4. In filling a leave of abscence from the Department that i am assigned, do i file a separate leave for the sick leave with pay, sick leave without pay etc?

5. What if my Department head disapproves the leave? Is there any CSC ruling that I can cite?

In closing, thank you very much for taking time to analyze my situation. My family is still in a state of shock but hopefully your office can shed light.

I look forward to hearing from you soonest.

Respectfully yours,

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3 years 3 months ago #8136 by Action Officer
Action Officer replied the topic: Filing the Appropriate Leave of Abscence

Thank you for using the CSC Legal Assistance and Information Forum.

May we advise you to please refer your concern with the Human Resource Policies and Standards Office (HRPSO), the CSC Office who has the expertise in CSC Policies. Said Office may be reached through the following contacts: 1) Telephone No. - 02-951-4629; 2) Email Address - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; and 3) Mailing Address: Human Resource Policies and Standards Office, Civil Service Commission, Batasan Hills, Diliman, Quezon City.

Please be guided accordingly.

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3 years 1 week ago #8349 by JESUS M PAULITE JR
JESUS M PAULITE JR replied the topic: Filing the Appropriate Leave of Abscence
To whom it may concerns:

Currently I have an employee as budget officer II (level 2) na na stroke last 2018 due this reason she cannot go to work since then and the previous chief sign her DTR for humanitarian reason

when i took office last dec 2020 as acting chief i honor the agreement between the previous and the husband of the said employee.

but this time because after 2 years i requested for the latest medical condition of the said employee and her husband po gave a medical certificate which stated that she can only perform clerical function

question po:
based on her function as level 2 i cannot give her a clerical work since we already have enough manpower for such function... pwede po ba na hindi ko sya bigyan ng work? paano po yung performance nya at paano ko sya mararate?

pasok po ba sya sa EXCUSE LEAVE? despite it already two years na po sya sa ganun condition and minimal improvement lang po ang nangyayri.
Hindi pa po sya UNFIT to perform her duty as Budgetg Officer (level 2 position)

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