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2 years 3 weeks ago #9577 by Agustus Cesar A. Navarro
Agustus Cesar A. Navarro created the topic: RE-EMPLOYMENT
Good day Gentlemen!

May I be guided on CSC policy on Re-employment as Regular Employee as this pertains to the following:1) Residency and 2) Length of Service. My particular questions are: 1) How do you compute years of Residency? Is it reckoned from the date as per Appointment Papers at the time of re-employment or at the date of original appointment, and 2) Is it correct that Length of Service be computed based on the original date of appointment and not from date of re-employment. I asked this in the context of my availment of a scholarship for training. My original appointment was 10 September 1981 and resigned from the service last 15 July 1994. I was re-employed last 09 March 2021. Our Learning & Development (L&D) Guideline is silent about how to compute Residency and Length of Service as this relates to re-employed individuals.

Thank you

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