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Question Compensatory time off (CTO)

6 years 2 months ago #1407 by Leo Girl
Leo Girl created the topic: Compensatory time off (CTO)
Hi sir/madam:

Is there a certain limit as to the number of times we can avail of compensatory time-off (CTO) per month?

Say how many 8hrs or 1whole day can one avail of the CTO if he/she has a total compensatory overtime credits (COC) balance of 180hrs?

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6 years 2 months ago #1420 by Action Officer 5
Action Officer 5 replied the topic: Compensatory time off (CTO)
Dear Mr. DJ:

Relevant to your query are the following provisions of CSC-DBM Joint Circular No. 2 series of 2004 (Non-Monetary Remuneration for Overtime Services Rendered), which provides, thus:

"5.5.1. Each employee may accrue not more than 40 hours of COCs in a month. In no instance shall, however, the unexpended balance shall exceed one hundred twenty (120) hours."

“5.5.2. The COC’s shall be used as time-off within the year these are earned until the immediately succeeding year. Thereafter, any unutilized COCs are deemed forfeited.” (as amended by CSC-DBM Joint Circular No. 2-A, series of 2005)

x x x

“5.9 Availment of CTO

“5.9.1 The CTO may be availed of in blocks of four (4) or eight (8) hours. Agencies adopting alternative work schedules should make parallel adjustments in the availment blocks, tantamount to either a half or full day leave from work.”

“5.9.2 The employee may use the CTO continuously up to a maximum of five (5) days per single availment, or on staggered basis within the year.”

We hope that we have enlightened you on this matter.

Action Officer 31

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1 month 3 weeks ago #11211 by marlon
marlon replied the topic: Compensatory time off (CTO)
An employee attended a training on official business for three days. After the training, she applied for a compensatory time off claiming her attendance to the mentioned training. Is it possible?

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1 month 2 weeks ago #11212 by Action Officer 21
Action Officer 21 replied the topic: Compensatory time off (CTO)
Please be informed that as a matter of policy, this Commission does not render opinion/ruling on issues that may eventually be, or is actually, a subject of a complaint or appeal before it.

Be that as it may, your attention is invited to Item 4.0 (2nd Paragraph) of CSC-DBM JC No. 2, s. 2004 (Non-Monetary Remuneration for Overtime Services Rendered), which defines Compensatory Time-Off (CTO) as:

“Compensatory Time-Off (CTO) refers to the number of hours or days an employee is excused from reporting for work with full pay and benefits. It is a non-monetary benefit provided to an employee in lieu of overtime pay.”

Thus, CTO may be granted only upon rendering overtime work, in lieu of overtime pay. As such, CTO may not be availed of in instances of trainings participated in, even on official business, since the said activity is not identified among those enumerated activities for which overtime services may be authorized, pursuant to item 5.3 of the Joint Circular.

It is hoped that we have guided you on the matter.

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