11 March 2022 - "The Civil Service Commission (CSC) commends the Anti-Red Tape Authority (ARTA) on its launch of the eARTA Complaints Management System, which would automate the process of filing and handling of complaints about government services."

The statement was made by CSC Chairperson Karlo Nograles as ARTA soft launched the eARTA Complaints Management System (CMS) on Monday.

"The eARTA CMS will make it easier for the public to provide feedback on government services, for agencies to monitor and track the status of complaints, and to achieve zero backlog in complaints handling," said the CSC chief.

Chairperson Nograles explained the importance of public feedback in improving government services, not just through a better understanding of customer experience, but also as a key ingredient in empowering the citizenry and increasing their participation in governance.

"The CSC expresses its full support for this endeavor, especially since the objectives of this new system are consistent with those of the CSC’s Contact Center ng Bayan (CCB)," added the CSC chief.

The CCB allows online reporting of customer feedback through:
• Email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. );
• Facebook Messenger (fb.com/civilservicegovph or m.me/civilservicegovph); and
• CCB portal (contactcenterngbayan.gov.ph/contact-us).

It may be noted that the CSC’s CCB also introduced an online matrix of referrals which government offices may use to monitor the status of concerns lodged with them. Focal persons of the offices were given authority to access the online system, which in effect aided the smooth flow of communication between the CCB and the focal person/s, and allowed faster resolution of referred concerns. The real-time status of these referrals may be viewed on the CCB website.

In 2021, the CCB was able to resolve 211,726 transactions out of 212,382 transactions received, posting a resolution rate of 99.69%.

"With the eARTA Complaints Management System and the CCB working side by side," pointed out Nograles, "the government is now able to further democratize access to government feedback mechanisms and increase public accountability."