13 March 2022 - The Civil Service Commission (CSC) held the Career Service Examination Professional and Subprofessional levels in pen-and-paper mode today, 13 March, in 77 testing centers nationwide. It was the biggest conduct of the civil service exams in a single day since the COVID-19 pandemic started.

Actual examinee turnout was 70,799, which is 91.66% of the total number of registered examinees at 77,241. No significant issues were reported among the examiners and examinees alike, and we thank everyone for their cooperation with the health and safety protocols we put in place. Our gratitude goes, most especially, to our partners in the local government units, the teachers who served as room examiners and proctors, and all those who assisted the CSC in the administration of the exam.

This is a positive development as we work on increasing our testing capacity in order to accommodate more Filipinos who aspire to obtain civil service eligibility and join the public sector workforce.