17 March 2022 - Civil Service Commission (CSC) Chairperson Karlo Nograles said that he wants to modernize public service delivery and professionalize the civil service as the new chief of the central human resource agency of the government.

In his first formal address as CSC chair last 14 March during the agency’s nationwide flag raising ceremony, Chairperson Nograles said that the last two years have taught people that “there is no returning to the pre-pandemic way of business” and that having “technology-based, streamlined, and accessible processes” enabled the government to be flexible and continue providing its services during the height of the pandemic.

“I want to change outdated modes of service delivery. We digitize what can and should be digitized; we upskill our entire workforce to be digitally literate, and adaptive and agile in internet-based service delivery and learning. Digital solutions should empower and not intimidate our civil servants,” he said.

He also said that he wants to continue leveraging digital tools for professionalizing civil servants. “I believe professional development should be designed to be a joyful, enriching program accessible when the learners are ready to learn,” he said.

Chairperson Nograles added that he wants to transform the government’s approach to professionalizing the civil service by going beyond punitive actions for accountability and establishing proactive programs.

“I want to change how we care for you, our people… I want transformation for our civil servants—to educate, equip, and empower each of you. So that public service becomes a truly rewarding calling in terms of life-long learning, career advancement, and societal contribution without sacrificing care for your families, and your mental and physical health,” he said.


Chairperson Nograles thanked CSC and all civil servants for their dedication in continuing to serve the public during the health crisis.

“Thank you, and all our civil servants in all government offices, for being the government’s front-liners, mid-liners, and back-liners during those times of uncertainty and all the 24 months of what I hope is already the harshest period of this pandemic. Daghang salamat for your steadfast dedication to duty, your bravery, and your resourcefulness to ensure that government services continue to reach our people when they need them most.”

He specially cited the women of the civil service, who he said “bore the greater brunt of the pandemic for our families, and for our services,” connecting it as well to this month’s celebration of National Women’s Month.

“Sa ating mga kababaihan sa hanay ng serbisyong publiko, saludo po ako at kaming lahat sa inyong husay na ipagsabay ang pag-alaga sa pamilya at serbisyo, katatagan ng inyong lakas, at buong-pusong pag-kalinga sa ating kapwa Pilipino. Salamat po, sa ating mga kababaihan,” he said.

He stressed that one of his priorities will be to ensure that future policies for human resources will work for women in government.

He also wants to explore the possibility of continuing to allow flexible work arrangements. “While many struggled, many also found the work-life balance they needed in blended on-site, off-site work arrangements. I believe this is worth studying without compromising the quality of our services,” Chairperson Nograles said.

He said that he will visit and consult the different divisions and CSC’s regional and field offices in the coming weeks to hear their concerns and suggestions in order to carve out plans for the civil service.

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