17 May 2022 - The Civil Service Commission (CSC) reminded government agencies that, as a general rule, appointments issued after the 9 May election up to 30 June 2022 shall be disapproved or invalidated.

The CSC advised outgoing elective and appointive (coterminous with the President) officials who act as appointing authorities that issuing appointments during the said period are only allowed under the following conditions:

1. The appointee meets the approved minimum qualification standards or qualification standards required under special law, if any, for the position to which he/she was appointed;

2. The appointee has undergone the Human Resource Merit Promotion and Selection Board (HRMPSB) screening prior to the election ban. In this case, the appointing officer/authority or agency shall submit the minutes of the HRMPSB meetings and the evaluation report of the applicants;

3. There is an urgent need for the issuance of the appointment/s so as not to prejudice public service or endanger public safety; and

4. Civil Service Law, rules and regulations, and special laws, if any, on the issuance of appointments are followed.

This is pursuant to Sections 112 and 113 of the 2017 Omnibus Rules on Appointments and Other Human Resource Actions (ORAOHRA) as revised by CSC Resolution No. 1800692.

The CSC stressed that appointments issued after the elections up to 30 June that do not meet the said requisites shall be disapproved or invalidated upon their submission for attestation.