14 September 2022 - Almost 3,500 job vacancies in 131 government agencies will be offered at the Government Online Career Fair (GOCF) organized by the Civil Service Commission (CSC) in partnership with online job search portal, JobStreet. The fair will take place from 19 to 23 September 2022.

“Vacancies with the minimum qualification standards and application requirements will be posted for the duration of the GOCF. Applicants from the Philippines or even those overseas who are interested to pursue a career in the civil service may participate by submitting their applications online to their selected agencies,” explained CSC Chairperson Karlo A. B. Nograles.

Some of the vacancies that job seekers can apply to are guidance counselors, administrative aides and officers, revenue officers, engineers, midwives, planning officers, project development officers, nurses, instructors, accountants/auditors, executive assistants, information technology officers, among others.


The jobseeker must have an account with JobStreet.com. If the jobseeker has no account, he or she must create one by accessing the 2022 GOCF Microsite at http://jobstreet.com.ph/GOCF.
The jobseeker need only to input the email address and click on the Create your Personal Data Sheet (PDS) button.
Once registered, the jobseeker may now access the GOCF Microsite, where the Virtual Hirer’s Booth of participating government agencies may be found. Each Virtual Hirer’s Booth contains the available jobs in the agency and has a chat facility to give jobseekers quick access to ask questions or be interviewed on the spot.
Jobseekers can even chat directly with DOLE and PhilHealth regarding their programs and services in the GOCF Microsite.
The agency shall conduct the initial assessment and notify the job applicants through email or text message the status of the application and/or additional instructions or requirements to be complied by the applicant.

Eligibility concerns

“The career service examination is not the be-all and end-all of acquiring civil service eligibility. There are what we call ‘special eligibilities’ granted under special laws that individuals may want to check if they are qualified for the grant of any of these special eligibilities,” said CSC Chairperson Nograles.

For instance, pursuant to Republic Act No. 1080, eligibility is automatically granted to passers of bar examination conducted by the Supreme Court, and of licensure board examinations administered by the Professional Regulation Commission and Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA).

The Eligibilities resulting from passing the Bar/Board examinations shall be required for appointment to positions the duties of which constitute the practice of profession regulated by the Philippine Bar/Board laws.

Another is eligibility granted pursuant to Presidential Decree No. 907, or “Granting Civil Service Eligibility to College Honor Graduates”.

Those who graduated summa cum laude, magna cum laude or cum laude, in their baccalaureate degree, regardless of the number of years of completion from school year 1972-1973 and thereafter can apply.

The Honor Graduate Eligibility may be availed by those who graduated in private higher education institution in the Philippines with baccalaureate/bachelor’s degree recognized by the CHED; or state/local colleges or universities with baccalaureate/bachelor’s degree included in its charter, or baccalaureate/ bachelor’s degree duly approved by the Board of Trustees/Board of Regents.

Equal opportunity

The CSC highly encourages applications from qualified interested persons, including persons with disabilities, members of indigenous communities, and persons of all sexual orientations and gender identities or expressions (SOGIE).

The GOCF is now on its 3rd year and it eliminates physical and geographical barriers to submitting job applications, and provides a safe venue for government agencies and applicants to transact with the restriction on physical gathering/interactions.

122nd Philippine Civil Service Anniversary

The GOCF is one of the highlights of the 122nd Philippine Civil Service Anniversary celebration in September, which commemorates the establishment of the entire Philippine civil service on 19 September 1900 by virtue of Public Law No. 5.

PCSA has a 10-year overarching theme, Transforming Public Service in the Next Decade: Honing Agile and Future-Ready Servant-Heroes, which reflects the collective experience of the government workforce in the new normal, and in pushing for digital transformation and innovations to uphold public service excellence and continuity.

For 2022, the thematic focus is on resilience, which is part of building smart organizations and a future-ready civil service. Resilience has been shown by the civil service during the pandemic crisis in its readiness to accept challenges and ability to give continued assistance to the public.