Office for Human Resource Management and Development


The Office for Human Resource Management and Development shall establish, manage, and monitor an integrated and gender-related HR Plan, develop and enhance personnel management policies in the areas of career development, recruitment and selection, employee welfare and discipline, performance evaluation, compensation and benefits, incentives and rewards, HR Information System and employee relations for service excellence.



Specific Functions

  • Develop and update job description of positions by identifying duties, responsibilities, reporting relationship working conditions and job requirements in terms of education training, work experience, eligibility and required competencies.
  • Adopt creative and strategic talent sourcing to attract and select the best qualified candidates.
  • Supervise the smooth implementation of the Individual Performance Commitment and Review (IPCR) in the Commission by conducting orientation, preparing internal policies, monitoring and evaluating its applicability and usage, and recommending measures for IPCR improvement.
  • Determine manpower structure to provide personnel statistical data on accession and separation.


Specific Functions

  • Conduct training needs analysis to address performance gaps and recommend the appropriate learning and development programs┬áto improve competencies.
  • Regularly assess the available talent in CSC based on the talents needed to achieve organizational goals.
  • Spearhead, monitor and evaluate the implementation of GAD programs in the Commission, including the administration of the GAD Awards.


Specific Functions

  • To institutionalize a Comprehensive Health, Wellness and Safety Program aimed at maintaining a healthy, high-spirited workforce provided with a productive, safe and conducive working environment.
  • To develop and implement a comprehensive Work-Life Program that aims to promote quality of life and ensure balance in work and enjoyment.
  • Continuously review, enhance and implement welfare fund policies, programs and services to assist employees in dealing with urgent and pressing needs and establish an updated records management system.
  • Ensure that rewards mechanisms are in place to motivate employees to improve work performance by continuously administering, evaluating and enhancing the CSC Program on Rewards and Incentive for Service Excellence (CSC PRAISE)
  • Administer the payroll system and Leave Program
  • Facilitate release of benefits, either regular or those provided pursuant to existing negotiations with employee union.
  • To promote professionalism, commitment to service and observance of ethical standards and behavior required of an official/employee.