Must-Read Resolutions 1999

ENERIO III, Domingo Ramon C. Appointment; Designation

BAUTISTA, FELICITATION E. Validity of Nullification of the Previous Order by the Successor Query

NAVARRETE- Recia A, Aurora P. Extension of Service: Leave Credits

ANTONIO, Adelbert Nullification of Appointment; Appeal

AGUIRRE, ALEXANDER Conversion of Non-Career to Career Positions

LACSAMANA, Aniceta B. Disgraceful and Immoral Conduct, Conduct Prejudicial to the Best Interest of the Service

HASSAN, Dimalotang B. Dishonesty; Grave Misconduct and Conduct Prejudicial to the Best Interest of the Service

BAUTISTA, Renato C. Appeal; Termination; Reorganization

ASPERILLA, DOMINADOR O. Special Leave Benefits; Query

SALVADOR, Orlando R. Pre-retirement Promotion; Computation of Retirement Benefits

APOLINARIO, Napoleon M. Drug Test; Vacation and Sick Leave; Query

GUEVARRA, Ronald S. Appointment; Qualification Standards

CROW, Melissa Maternity Leave; Contractual Employee

ARBOSO, Pedro M. Leave Credits of Elective Officials


DIGNADICE, J. Local Scholarship Program (LSP); AWOL

GUMTANG, Maeste Lawyers Qualification to Chief Accountant Position

LAPASTORA, F.L Drug Test on Existing Organic Employees; Query

GOMEZ, Archimedes C. Request for Interpretation of the Admission Requirements to the Foreign Trade Service Corp.