Examination Advisory No. 02, s. 2020

A D V I S O R Y 

TO                   :           ALL EXAMINEES OF THE FEBRUARY 2, 2020 CSE-FSO
SUBJECT         :          Examination Results

The List of Passers of the February 2, 2020 Career Service Examination for Foreign Service Officer (CSE-FSO) have been released and posted on the CSC website www.csc.gov.ph | Examination Results. 

The List of Passers posted on the CSC website is the official list. The CSC does not recognize and is not liable for any other postings on any other websites and social media links that are not affiliated with, or are engaged in the unauthorized use of the name of, the Civil Service Commission.

1. Individual Examination Result/Rating Through OCSERGS

Examinees, both passed and failed, can generate their individual test result using the Online Civil Service Examination Result Generation System (OCSERGS) by March 29, 2020. Please note that no report of rating shall be mailed to individual examinees.

The enhanced OCSERGS no longer requires the examinee number. The examination details being asked for only include the date, type, and place of examination. The examinee should encode/fill in the required data in the corresponding data fields under the applicant’s personal information, and the details of examination, accurately, following the illustrated/indicated format.

To ensure that the enhanced OCSERGS is accessed, use the main, official CSC website www.csc.gov.ph | Online Services | Online CS Examination Result Generation System. 

2.Certification of Eligibility for Passers on Security Paper

Passers may apply for Certification of Eligibility printed on security paper at cost (Note: Applying for regular Certification has a separate set of requirements and procedures. Please verify with the CSC RO concerned, or secure the requirements from the CSC website).

Relatedly, passers are advised to verify first the availability of the issuance of Certification on security paper before going to the CSC Regional/Field Office. Please access the CSC website for the directory of the CSCRegional/Field Offices.

It is recommended to secure a Certification printed on security paper as this may be more preferred by government agencies as supporting document for employment application, including promotion and other human resource actions/movements.

Theissuance of certification of eligibility on security paper forms part of CSC’s records repository/management function being discharged by the CSC Records Office. The process involves verification and validation of eligibility, as requested/applied for by eligibles, based on official records (e.g. Register of Eligibles; Master List of Examinees; Picture-Seat Plan) on file with the CSC.

3. Certification of Eligibility for Passers on CSC Letterhead

Passers may also opt to request for a Certification of Eligibility (CoE) printed on CSC official letterhead by April 15, 2020. The letterhead printed Certification is a derivative of CSC’s test results processing function issued free of charge by the CSC Examination Office through the CSC Regional/Field Offices. 

3.1   Issuance and Claiming of Certification of Eligibility

Notwithstanding the given date of April 15, 2020 above, passers are strongly advised to verify first if their Certification on letterhead is already available for claiming before going to the CSC Regional/Field Office. Please access the CSC website for the directory of the CSCRegional/Field Offices.

Passers should personally claim their Certification of Eligibility at the CSC Regional/Field Office concerned. In claiming the Certification, passers must present the following items:

i.    I.D. card – preferably the same I.D. card presented during filing of application. If the I.D. card to be presented for claiming of Certification is different from the I.D. card presented during filing of application, the examinee must present any of the following accepted I.D. cards, which is preferably valid (not expired):

Driver’s License/Temporary Driver’s License (LTO O.R. must be presented together with old Driver’s License; O.R. alone is not allowed)/Student Driver’s Permit; Passport; PRC License; SSS I.D.; GSIS I.D. (UMID); Voter’s I.D./Voter’s Certification; BIR/Taxpayer’s I.D. (ATM type/TIN card type with picture); PhilHealth I.D. (must have the bearer’s name, clear picture, signature and PhilHealth number); Company/Office I.D.; School I.D.; Police Clearance/Police Clearance Certificate(with picture); Postal I.D.; Barangay I.D.; NBI Clearance; Seaman’s Book; HDMF Transaction Card; PWD I.D.; Solo Parent I.D.; Senior Citizen’s I.D.; and Alien Certificate of Registration Identity Card (ACR I-CARD).

Note:   a.   All other I.D. cards not included in the above list shall not be accepted.
bPhotocopy only of I.D. card, or cellphone photo of I.D. card, shall not be accepted.
As a last resort, expired I.D. card may be presented for claiming of Certification, provided that, the expiry date of the I.D. card is within the preceding months of the year reckoning the date of claiming of Certification. 

                 ii.    Application receipt and/or CSC Official Receipt (only if available).

Note:   The CSC Regional/Field Offices may require additional document/s as necessary to establish the identity of the passers. 

3.2   Claiming of Certification of Eligibility at Conduit CSCRO/FO

In case of passers who have moved to or are based in another region, or in remote areas within the region, they may personally claim their Certification of Eligibility at the CSC Regional or Field Office (serving as conduit CSC RO/FO) nearest their present place of residence or work.

For those who have moved to or are based in another region, a written request must be sent to the authorized CSC RO (with jurisdiction over the testing center/venue where they took the examination) to forward their Certification of Eligibility to the conduit CSC Regional/Field Office where they would like to claim the same. In their written request, they must also cite their reasons for the request.

Please be guided accordingly.



Director IV
Examination, Recruitment and Placement Office