28 September 2022 - Registered examinees of the cancelled Career Service Examination-Pen and Paper Test (CSE-PPT) which was supposed to be held on 15 March 2020 may still claim the refund of their PHP500 application fee until 14 March 2025, the Civil Service Commission (CSC) announced.

All unrefunded examinees may file a claim for refund except for those who were accommodated in the conduct of the 7 August 2022 CSE-PPT and have used up their previously paid application fee; and those who will opt to be accommodated in the 26 March 2023 CSE-PPT.

Unrefunded examinees who no longer want to take the CSE-PPT, and those who have taken and passed the 19 June 2022 CSE-PPT and recent Computerized Examinations (COMEX) and paid the application fee for such, can still claim the refund.

Affected examinees may claim the refund in person, either at the CSC Regional/Field Office (RO/FO) where they originally filed their application or through a conduit RO/FO, or file an online claim and receive the money through a payment facility. They shall be asked to submit a filled-out Request for Refund Form (RRF) along with other requirements.

In person

Those who will choose to claim the refund in person are advised to coordinate first with the concerned CSC RO/FO to schedule an appointment; thus, avoid going there without a confirmed appointment or schedule or without prior notice. [CSC directory]

At the time of claiming, the examinee must submit the filled-out RRF and present an original and photocopy of his/her valid ID card.

The refund may also be issued through a representative, who shall bring the RRF filled out by the examinee, an authorization letter, photocopy of a valid ID card duly signed by the examinee, and original and photocopy of the representative’s valid ID card.

In case the registered examinee is already deceased, the immediate family member may claim the refund by presenting a filled-out RRF with notation “deceased” after the name of the examinee, original and photocopy of a valid ID of the deceased examinee, Death Certificate, as well as the original and photocopy of the claiming family member’s valid ID card.

In person through a conduit RO/FO

In case the examinee is located away from the CSC RO/FO where he/she originally filed the exam application, claiming may be done through a conduit CSC RO/FO, one which is nearest to the examinee’s present place of residence or work.

In this case, the examinee must submit a written request letter to the CSC RO which has jurisdiction over the place where the exam application was submitted. Examinees are advised to verify first with the CSC RO the appropriate mode (whether via email, chat, etc.) for sending the request letter. The letter must state the specific conduit CSC RO/FO where the examinee wants to personally claim the refund. The filled-out RRF and a scanned copy of the examinee’s valid ID card must be submitted along with the letter.

Once the request is verified and approved, the examinee will receive a notice/advisory when the refund is ready for claiming. The examinee shall then proceed to his/her preferred conduit CSC RO/FO and present the notice/advisory together with a filled-out RRF and original and photocopy of his/her valid ID card.

Through bank or remittance/payment facility

Examinees may file a claim online and choose to receive the money from any of the payment facilities prescribed by the CSC RO.

To do this, the examinee must scan the filled-out RRF. In the form, he/she must indicate the preferred payment facility from a set of options given by the CSC RO.

The examinee must email the scanned RRF to the CSC RO along with a digital image (scanned or photo taken using a camera) of the front and back sides of any valid government-issued ID. Sending of requirements through the CSC RO’s Facebook Page or Messenger account is discouraged to avoid possible breach of personal data.

In case the examinee is already deceased, an immediate family member may claim the refund by scanning and submitting to the CSC RO the filled-out RRF with notation “deceased” after the name of the examinee, valid ID card of the deceased, Death Certificate, and the claiming family member’s valid ID card.

The CSC RO will notify the examinee as to when the refund will be released via the payment facility indicated on the RRF.

For other details or clarifications, examinees may coordinate with the concerned CSC RO through the contact information indicated in Examination Advisory No. 12, s. 2022.